Friday, June 28, 2013

The Carnes Gravel Grind

I've updated the map and cue sheet. The original route took some rather messy roads and featured more than one nasty hill. The new route is clean and hard packed, and has some very fast rollers. You're welcome to print this out, or pick up a sheet on Saturday.

Carnes Gravel Grind instructions:

A 32 mile unsupported gravel ride from Sioux Center to Sfumato Pizzeria in Carnes on July 13. We depart at 4:00 pm sharp. Please show up a few minutes early to get a map and cue sheet printout.

The route is almost exclusively gravel roads. Road conditions will vary greatly. But you do not need a special bike for this ride. Mountain bikes, hybrids, and road bikes are all good ideas. Be aware that bikes with tires narrower than 25mm (1in) can be difficult to handle and will be more prone to flats.

Riding on gravel is a very different experience than paved. Doing this ride will take effort similar to a 40 mile paved ride. However, the route is quite flat.

There is no SAG for this ride. You are responsible for yourself if you need a lift home.

The route is NOT marked. You are responsible for navigation. Remember: East/West Roads are numbered, and increase (420th, 430th, 440th) as you go south. North/South Roads are named, and go up alphabetically (Ibex, Indian, Ironwood) as you go east. Call Nathan if you get lost.

This is a no-drop ride. Ride at your own pace and remember that the ride is only half done when we get to Carnes.

Nathan will be riding sweep, and will gladly help you with flats or any other mechanical. Taking a spare tube along is A VERY GOOD IDEA. If you need help, call him with your location on the route, and he’ll get to you as soon as he can.

Wear a helmet.

Go ahead and order as soon as you get to Sfumato. Let them know you are with the bike ride. Though it’s nice if we arrive as a group, everyone needs to ride at their own pace. You may leave Carnes whenever you are finished.

You do have the option of taking paved roads back (Take Jackson Ave. north out of Carnes, through Orange City, then head west on B40/400th St.). If you take that option you will be 100% ON YOUR OWN. Nathan will sweep for riders on the gravel route, but we cannot be responsible for riders on alternate routes.

Watch the Brother’s bike shop Facebook page for updates, especially concerning weather. Lightning, hail, or tornadoes in the area are an automatic cancellation. We will ride in light rain.

Nathan Nykamp’s Cell: (712) 441-2979

Comment here if you have any questions

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